Çobantur | Boltas, is a long established-family company founded in 1978, providing services in the logistics and warehousing areas. It has proven its trustworthiness in the industry since the day it was established with its experienced staff and management team. It offers its customer-focused and flexible transport solutions at its own offices and warehouses in Turkey and Europe.

With its experience of 40 years and having 10 company-owned offices in five countries, Çobantur | Boltas, owns a fleet comprising of 845 transport vehicles and the company has a total storage area of 36,000 meter square and it offers logistics services through its network reaching Europe, Middle East and Turkey based on the needs and requirements of its customers.

Çobantur | Boltas provides you with services through the joint software titled LOGENIUS, which was developed by the company itself, the software ensuring to respond all transport and logistics services and to share information effectively. The customers’ and partners’ workflow processes are expedited using active integration (EDIFACT) solutions.